Boston in 100 Words Wins City of Boston Project Partnership Grant

Boston in 100 Words Wins City of Boston Project Partnership Grant

In June, 2019 the City of Boston Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture announced that Boston in 100 Words was one of six organizations chosen to receive a Project Partnership grant with the City. The Mayor’s Office describes the Project Partnership Grant Program as intended to support recurring events and programs that create opportunities for artists in Boston. 

In an announcement released by the City, Mayor Marty Walsh said, “The six projects chosen represent a wide array of art forms and cultural traditions, and are an excellent representation of the extremely talented and diverse communities in the City of Boston. [. . .] I look forward to partnering with the artists and organizations involved in these projects, and I encourage residents and visitors to Boston to take part in these great events.”

In the same announcement, Jane De Leon Griffin, Director of Boston in 100 Words said, “Boston in 100 Words is thrilled to receive this grant and partner with the City on this exciting project. [. . .] This partnership will greatly increase our visibility in the City, and further enhance Boston's international prominence. More importantly, our project is all about the people of Boston and their everyday experiences, and we believe that by sharing our stories with each other in the public sphere, we strengthen our communities and make Boston a more inclusive place to live and visit.” 

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